My Tickets Won’t Print

When your tickets aren’t printing it’s usually due to your computer not having Adobe Acrobat installed, or a very old version installed. Adobe Acrobat allows us to make sure that your tickets print the same no matter what computer you print them on, so you’re never going to have problems when they get scanned at the door. The first thing you should do is make sure you have Adobe Acrobat installed and up-to-date. If Adobe is up-to-date but you still can’t print your tickets you’ll need to read the following questions so we can determine whats going wrong.

Is the View/Print button doing anything? Does the ticket open in your browser window?

If you’re clicking VIEW/PRINT TICKET and nothing is happening then it’s usually a browser issue, if you’re using a windows PC and you don’t know what browser your using odds are its Internet Explorer. If you’re using a mac its probably safari, alternatively you maybe using Google Chrome or Firefox, these don’t come preloaded normally so if you don’t remember installing them you’re probably using Internet Explorer or Chrome.

To download the latest version of Firefox, visit http://
To download the latest version of Google Chrome, visit
To download the latest version of Internet Explorer, visit

If you have updated your browser but it’s still not opening make sure that you’re not just downloading the tickets instead of opening them, you can check this by:

Google Chrome :
Safari (MAC) :
Firefox :

You can see the ticket(s) but can’t print them.
If you’re able to view your ticket(s), that’s a great start! Please check that your printer is turned on and ready to print. Since you can see your ticket, try to print by right clicking your mouse to send the prompt to your printer. If you’re clicking on the VIEW/PRINT button and your tickets aren’t opening, it’s likely that your computer is not equipped with the necessary software to view and print your tickets. To download or update to the most current Adobe Reader Software, please visit and follow the steps to download/update this software.

You can see the ticket(s) but can’t print them.
This means that your computer is not recognising the Adobe Reader Software properly. Try to reinstall the software by visiting Keep in mind, we always have a way to resend your tickets to you as a PDF attachment. If you’d like to discuss any of these problems with a ticketbooth team member send us a support ticket or give us a buzz on 1300 762 344

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